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The British police procedural television series Line of Duty created by Jed Mercurio on BBC. Line of Duty season four amazed audience when it aired in 2017. The real identity of Killer Balaclava made the audience wondered. The season four was finished with lots of questions left unanswered. So, fans were eagerly waiting for season five.

123movies hub

Line of Duty season five is set after two years where the season four ended. With a real difference season, five follows a new case for AC-12. Things are a little different in season five. You will find a lot of police drama, but Line of Duty is something special because almost all of them are fundamentally same where you have a bad guy, and you search for the bad guy eventually the bad guy gets caught, but Line of Duty is a lot more loose with its format. You will see that with the season 5 finale which with almost the entirety of this episode took within one room and it’s incredible how this show can be the number one worldwide trending topic. It can be a very dense or very confusing show unless you pay the utmost attention to every little thing, but if you do that it can be exciting. There are few things in this finale that maybe you love. Especially such as the idea of the misspelling of the word brought back up and it was the little things; it was this larger conspiracy question. Is Ted Hastings H or is he not H, what’s going to happen on the other side of that. The best thing about this series is the fact that we are going here for five seasons, but we still have this H mystery that’s floating around out there. At the end of almost every season, it’s like the end of playing Super Mario Brothers, where they say “I’m sorry,” but the princess is in another castle.

That’s kind of what happens like we got the wicked person, we got Gill, but as it turns out there is still something more out there. Another adversary or a threat that does need to be taken out with 123movies hub . You’ll see Gill being brought down and then as it turns out officer, Tina turns out to be bent and tries to stab her. Then an order has come in to take her, and so now we have the question that order what came about from there, who is running the show, who is pulling strings now. At least we know Ted is still responsible for AC-12. The craziest thing is when you think about everything that Ted is accused of over these last couple of episodes. The nature of this interrogation everything that was brought up in between the discussions over the money, what was going on with banks this sort of stuff there was so much evidence that is a miracle that Ted is even able to peek his head up from above all of it. Lastly, it is an exciting show to enjoy.

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